Review the troubleshooting tips on this page to help resolve setup and operation challenges with Level Best grading attachments.

Why am I not getting hydraulic flow to my Level Best attachment?

The most common call we get has to do with a lack of hydraulic flow. Our system is an Open-Center system and needs a constant flow of oil to operate properly. Make sure that your hydraulics are engaged and providing continuous flow to the Level Best Valve. Just because your hoses jump when you engage your hydraulics does not necessarily mean that you are getting continuous hydraulic flow.

Be certain that your oil is flowing in the correct direction. Skid loader models contain a check valve that prevents any oil flow in the wrong direction. If your loader sounds like it is bogging yet you have no response from your manual overrides, try reversing the direction of flow using the loader joysticks.

(NOTE: Bobcat loaders may require you to switch the hydraulic quick couplers on the ends of the hoses to allow flow reversal.)

Level Best tractor-mounted boxes do not currently use a check-valve. Because of this, it is possible to run flow in the wrong direction. Symptoms of this are:

- The pump/engine sound like they are under load when flow is engaged.
- The Level Best works opposite of the manual inputs. (Pressing “Raise” should raise the whole box, not the wheels.)
- The Level Best works in a quick & jerky fashion and will deadhead in one direction.

If you are experiencing these symptoms try reversing the direction of the hydraulic flow lever to send the oil in the opposite direction.

Why won't my Level Best attachment work in automatic mode?

1. If your Grading Box functions manually, but does not respond automatically, make sure that you have your Control Panel set in Automatic Mode.

2. If the Level Best is not following the grade that you believe it should be when in Automatic, try checking its response with manual Raise & Lower inputs using your remote or joystick. If the box raises & lowers normally (remember: “Raise” should lift the whole box---not the wheels) then the issue lies in the laser signal path.

3. In order for the Level Best to follow the laser beam, it has to be able to physically see the beam.

Be sure the laser receiver on the mast poles are above any obstructions such as the cab, operator, or other equipment parked between it & the laser tripod.

Is there a reflection from anything in the surrounding area causing the laser receiver to see 2 beams? This is the #1 issue we see on the electrical side. Stray beams/receiver confusion can be caused by (but not limited to) the following:

- Reflections from mirrors or glass
- Reflections from aluminum truck bodies
- Reflections from aluminum bleachers
- Stray beams from other contractors/site work
- Fluorescent/LED light bulb wavelength (indoors)
- Strobe lights on surrounding equipment
- Is the laser beam striking the receiver where it should? Verify with a rod-eye sensor.
- Is your slope correctly entered into the laser beacon? (Those + and – are important!)
- Is your laser beacon charged and running properly?
- Is the weather at fault? (Dust, wind, rain, fog, snow, etc.)
- When was your laser beacon last calibrated?

4. If your Level Best is acting erratically and one side is diving when it shouldn’t be, the first thing to check is whether your Left and Right receiver cables are plugged into the correct L and R terminals on the junction block. If it is still behaving erratically there could be moisture in the junction block that is allowing cross-talk between the receivers.

If you are still experiencing issues with your Level Best machine please contact your local Level Best dealer for assistance.